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What You Can Expect During Your First IV Therapy Session

What You Can Expect During Your First IV Therapy Session

Intravenous (IV) therapy has long been used to administer medication. It’s an extremely effective way of maximizing the body’s absorption of key ingredients, and now, it’s not just for hospital settings.

IV therapy with vitamins, minerals, and other essential micronutrients is growing in popularity to enhance overall wellness. John Stavrakos, MS, MD, and our team at Heritage Regenerative Medicine offer customized IV therapy sessions for adults of all ages who want to feel their best in Weddington and the Greater Charlotte area in North Carolina.

IV therapy can increase energy levels, beat fatigue, recover from illness, fight chronic pain, and so much more — but it’s normal to have questions. So if you’re curious about IV therapy, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how IV therapy works and what you can expect at your first infusion session.

Your IV therapy consultation

IV therapy is a customizable wellness service. It involves creating a personalized blend of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients, and delivering them directly to your bloodstream. Your first IV therapy session starts with a consultation, so our team can help you to figure out what issues you are facing to better understand what your body needs.

Dr. Stavrakos and our team will ask about your medical history and your general health to determine how IV therapy can best support your wellness. We often recommend IV therapy to help manage symptoms of:

Along with reviewing your current state of health, Dr. Stavrakos may ask about your goals for IV therapy, after which he can develop a protocol that best suits your needs.

Ingredients often include vitamins B and C, magnesium, ozonated fluids and much more. If you get regular infusions, your blend may change from session to session depending on what you need at the time.

Your infusion

After your consultation, you’re ready for your infusion. 

You sit back in a comfortable chair, and one of the team members inserts a small needle into a vein in your arm. You feel a small prick with the needle, but any discomfort should fade quickly, and the needle will be secured with medical tape.

Your infusion may last anywhere from 40-120 minutes, with 60-90 minutes being typical, depending on the type of IV therapy you’re getting. During your infusion, you are free to do what you like, as long as you remain in your chair and keep the arm with the IV relatively still. Many of our patients like to nap, browse the internet, or watch their favorite shows. If you need to get up (say, to use the restroom), a member of the staff can be sure that your IV needle is stable and secure .

Once your infusion is complete, the needle is removed and you are free to go about your usual activities. There is typically no downtime, and many people report an immediate improvement in their energy levels, mood, and overall feeling of well-being after IV therapy.

The benefits of your infusion can last for several weeks, or longer in some cases. If you enjoyed the experience, talk to Dr. Stavrakos and our team about getting regular infusions to help you feel your best.

Whether you’re looking for increased energy, better immunity, or something else entirely, IV therapy could be the boost you need. Book a consultation with our team at Heritage Regenerative Medicine by calling 704-368-4852 or request an appointment online now. 

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